Results of cooperation Siberian Federal University and JSC "Information satellite systems "Reshetnev company"

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In article the short description of history creation of the Siberian federal university is given. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of higher education institution are provided. It is told about cooperation of 4 institutes such as Military and engineering institute, Polytechnical institute and Institute of space and information technologies the Siberian Federal University and JSC «Information Satellite Systems» Reshetnev Company». It is mentioned interinstitute basic department «Applied Physics and Space Technologies». Description of results of works within research and developmental technological works under Siberian Federal University with JSC «Information Satellite Systems» Reshetnev Company». Conclusions are drawn and the prospects of further cooperation reveal


Automated testing equipment, siberian federal university, satellite radio navigational system, simulator of signals, receiver of signals, precision drives, waveguide and distributive systems, spacecraft, command and telemetry system, on-board spacecraft control, jsc "information satellite systems" reshetnev company"


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