Саrех muskingumensis Schwein., cultivated in the open ground in the south-east of Ukraine

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The paper presents results of the introduction trial of the ornamental North-American species Саrех muskingumensis Schwein. in the steppe of Ukraine. Comprehensive introduction investigations include studies on the morphology of its vegetative and generative organs, seasonal development rhythm, propagation ability, the development of morphological structures during ontogeny and plant hardiness in new conditions. It is established that C. muskingumensis under introduction is characterized by rather high adaptation degree: introduction success of this species is assessed at 6 points on a 7-point-scale. A prolonged seed germination period, a shorter progenerative period of ontogeny and a wide range of variability of individuals’ developmental rates may be regarded as important adaptation strategies, facilitating the species survival under new conditions. The results of experimental introduction allow us to include the studied species in the range of ornamental perennials for the landscaping in this region.


Саrех muskingumensis schwein., morphology, seasonal development rhythm, ontogeny, introduction successfulness

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