Contents of the human constitutional right to health

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Purpose: The clarification of the content of the constitutional human right to health protection from the standpoint of national and international legislation and legal science. Methodology: Concretization, by linking the normative formation of legal thought. Results: The article is devoted to the coverage of the problem of clarifying the content of the category «right to health protection». The substantial and essential correlation of the right to healthcare with other constitutional rights is analyzed. Based on the analysis, it was concluded that the «right to health» is semantically broader than the concept of «right to health care»; they are correlated as general and separate; The «right to health care» swings specific health problems. The use of this approach determines the relationship of the system of constitutional rights depending on the political situation in the country. Novelty/originality/value:Highlighting the full stages of the development of a system of approaches to determining part of constitutional law.


Right to health care, constitutional rights, constitution, abstract

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