Current state and dynamics breeding centers bark printing in Central Russia in the second half 2011, forecast for 2012 and the necessary sanitary actions

Автор: Maslov A.D., Komarova I.A., Kotov A.S.

Журнал: Лесохозяйственная информация @forestry-information

Рубрика: Охрана и защита лесов

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In the second half of 2011 continued to increase seats pandemic multiplication the bark beetle, which contributed to the favorable weather and a lack of radical measures against the pest. The total area of drying of the bark of spruce trees up to 50 thousand hectares and covers the subzone of mixed forests and the southern taiga in European Russia, as well as regions of the Southern Urals. We expect the continued outbreak of spruce bark beetle in 2012. Also recommended a number of measures to limit the bark beetle.

Bark beetle, drying of spruce forests, forest protection effectiveness of measures to against the bark beetle

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