Improvement of professional-applied physical training of military institute cadets based on the physical health

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The main directions of the professional-applied physical training on healthy lifestyle formation among cadets are determined. 124 military Engineering School (Institute) cadets took part in the experiment. The structural model of the pedagogical technology of cadets' military-applied physical training formation in the conditions of educational process individualization on the basis of health level monitoring was represented. Assessment instruments determining the development level of professionally important physical qualities and application of motor skills were developed. The approaches to the preservation of professional health, physical training level were offered. It was determined that the author's program, based on the educational process individualization, built on the monitoring of health level allows to form cadets' military-applied physical training. To solve the research purpose and objectives we used the following research methods: analysis of scientific-methodical literature on the research issue, teaching observation, questionnaires, interviews, conversation, methods of evaluation and control of cadets' movement abilities and military-applied skills; cadets' disease control; motivation evaluation for serving in the army; testing of general physical qualities development (speed capabilities, speed endurance, strength endurance, coordination abilities), testing of military-applied standards for combat training, functional test of Kverg, pedagogical experiment, mathematical-statistical analysis of the obtained research results. The basis of the experimental program of cadets' professional-applied physical training included exercises of military-applied orientation, where students were engaged in physical and combat training; practiced on gymnastic equipments; overcame obstacles; studied technical elements with weapons; were taught self-defense techniques and etc.


Pedagogical technology, health level monitoring, health, cadets, military-applied physical training

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