Modern problems and tendencies of professional development of advocate

Автор: Ragulin Andrey Viktorovich, Shaykhullin Marat Selirovich

Журнал: Евразийская адвокатура @eurasian-advocacy

Рубрика: Проблемы организации и функционирования адвокатуры

Статья в выпуске: 5  (6), 2013 года.

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Purpose: Research of the main directions and tendencies of professional development of advocate in Russia. Methodology: Authors applied formal-legal method, a method of the included supervision, a statistical method, sociological methods, a method of theoretical modeling. Results: In article authors revealed and analyzed the main tendencies of such directions of professional development of the identity of advocate as selection and attraction of shots in advocate’s educations, questions of increase in distinctions in legal status of the trainee of advocate’s and the paralegal assistant are considered, problems of improvement of system of professional education of advocate’s and occupation of advocates by scientific and pedagogical activity, assignment questions to the honorary titles and corporate awards of advocate’s profession are investigated. Novelty/originality/value: In article are generalized the provision of earlier published scientific works on the considered problem and author’s ideas, generalizations, conclusions and the offers directed on improvement of system of professional development of advocate possessing scientific novelty and the practical importance contain.


Professional development of advocate, the trainee of the advocate, professional education of advocates, advocacy profession, attraction of shots in advocacy profession

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