Comparison of the seismic calculation results according to SNiP II-7-81* 1995 and SP 14.13330.2014

Автор: Tarasov Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Baranovskii Mikhail Yurievich, Pavlushkina Yulia Evgenyevna, Meleshchenkov Leonid Sergeevich M, Shakirov Ruslan Maratovich, Imeskenov Tumen Lopsonovich, Zagidullina Elvira Gadilevna

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Рубрика: Строительная механика и строительные конструкции

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Calculation on seismic influences is one of the main dynamic calculations which should be carried out at design of responsible buildings and constructions, and also at construction in seismic countries.The problem of ensuring seismic stability and as a result and reliability of designs is one of the main problems for a number of regions of Russia and the neighboring countries.Detailed calculation of the TG-750M (wind electrical turbo-generator) wind power installation on seismicinfluence by a standard technique according to the previous and current normative documents for different types of soil is given in this article.All calculations were executed manually and then checked in the program SCAD complex.The received results testify to increase of settlement inertial loadings and as a result and to increase of coefficients of a stock at design of construction design on seismic stability according to the new normative document (to the joint venture 14.13330.2014).


Calculation of wind power installations, dynamic calculation, calculation on seismic influences, standard documents, building dynamic

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