Comparative evaluation of physical preparedness of members of military servicing units of air and space forces of the Russian Federation

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The article provides materials for a comparative assessment of the verification results of the physical preparedness level of soldiers and officers of various divisions of two military units of the 15th Army of the Aerospace Special Forces, located in the southern and northern parts of the Russian Federation in 2018-2019. Military personnel aged 19 to 58 years performed sets of physical training exercises, presented in the «Manual on physical training in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation» (2009) and characterizing the development level of their strength, endurance and speed, as well as the degree of formation of military applied skills. Research aim. The research aim is the physical preparedness process optimization of military personnel of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation. Research methods. The research methods are the analysis of scientific and methodological literature, pedagogical observation and testing, mathematical statistics. Research results...


Assessment of physical preparedness, military personnel, aerospace forces

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