Cumulative chemical contamination of soils by cyclic elements within SPNA "Chernyaevskiy les"

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Calculations of cumulative chemical contamination of soils by cyclic elements coefficient (Zcm(г)) in accordance with toxicity and geometric mean concentration for soils sampled within II quarter of SPNA «Chernyaevskiy les» are presented in the paper. All the measurements on heavy metals content were performed in the laboratory of ecology and nature protection, PSNRU, using wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometer «СПЕКТРОСКАН МАКС-G» («SPECTROSCAN MAX-G»). Content of Sr, Pb, As, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, MnO, Cr, V, TiO2 was determined. As a result Zcm(г) values lay within limits of allowance, except of background content in sod-podzolic sandy soils.


Geochemical investigations, x-ray fluorescence analysis, cumulative chemical contamination of soils, cyclic elements

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