Technologies for operational control of physical activity and rapid assessment of athletes’ functional fitness at the pre-competition stage

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The article presents the technology of operational control and rapid assessment of functional readiness of athletes at the pre-competition stage. The results of three series of control of specific load effects and rapid assessment of metabolic, cardio-hemodynamic and regulatory functions in training real conditions of athletes who do karate 10-11 aged, swimmers 9-10 aged, football players 23 aged. Used lactate analyzer LACTATE PLUS, pulse oximeter series MD300C: MD300M, heart rate sensor POLAR H10, hardware complex Biomysh Research (CPF-01b). In the first series, a high number of athletes who do karate (more than 1/3), they use high-intensity physical activity in the pre-competition mesocycle, causing adaptation stress, which is a criterion for predicting low performance in competitions. In the second series, young swimmers were identified metabolic types of adaptation, which are effectively used in the orientation of the competitive distance. In the third series, at the pre-season stage of individualized training of the midfielder player, the training effect of improving energy supply systems and regulating adaptation processes in specific high-intensity modes of operation was achieved.


Technology, operational control, exercise, express-evaluation of functional fitness of athletes, a specific piece of training conditions

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