Trends and prospects for the development of the irrigation and drainage complex of the Slavsky district of the Kaliningrad region

Автор: Spirin Yuri A., Puntusov Vladimir G.

Журнал: Овощи России @vegetables

Рубрика: Мелиорация, рекультивация и охрана земель

Статья в выпуске: 2 (58), 2021 года.

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Relevance. The development of the reclamation complex in the Kaliningrad region is one of the key tasks in achieving food security and improving the well-being of the region. In recent years, this issue has been highly relevant due to a number of geopolitical events. An important role in the agriculture of the region is played by the municipal district "Slavsky urban district" located mostly on polder lands with high potential fertility. A number of reasons led to the fact that the main part of drainage reclamation systems was deployed on this territory, which, if properly operated, are capable of leveling almost all the consequences of climatic phenomena that are difficult for agriculture. Despite the importance of this issue, the technical state and development of the amelioration complex have recently been given active attention. Purpose of work. Consider current trends and prospects for the development of the irrigation and drainage complex of the Slavsky region. Material and methods. To achieve this goal, stock materials of the Kaliningradmeliovodkhoz Administration and information from the Unified Information System in the field of procurement were analyzed. Results and conclusions. It can be concluded from the work that the technical condition of the reclamation systems is still unsatisfactory. The positive trends in land reclamation issues have increased significantly at the moment, which has increased the prospects for changing the situation for the better. Ideally, an increase in today's subsidies by 2-2.5 times is required, with the transition to the following investment ratio: 70% - for network operation, and 30% - for network reconstruction. It is also necessary to implement a number of socio-political decisions.


Hydraulic engineering reclamation, polder lands, drainage systems, food security, agriculture

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IDR: 140257584   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2021-2-86-92

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