Theoretical foundations and experience of spiritual and moral education of police officers

Автор: Solopova Ksenia Igorevna, Moskin Sergey Alexandrovich

Журнал: Автономия личности @avtonomiya-lichnosti

Рубрика: Духовно-нравственное и патриотическое воспитание

Статья в выпуске: 2 (25), 2021 года.

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Spirituality as a human phenomenon is an eternal phenomenon, so the spiritual sphere of human existence has attracted thinkers at all times, from antiquity to the present day. There are many aspects and definitions of the concept of spirituality. Spiritual and moral education should include a combination of secular and traditional religious approaches to spirituality and morality. The spirituality of the individual elevates a person, this is what refers to the highest ability of the human soul and is embedded in his personality. This article examines the spiritual and moral education of police officers. The education of an employee of the internal affairs bodies provides for a mandatory reference to history, combat and service traditions, and heroic events. This process is impossible without a purposeful impact on the consciousness and feelings of cadets - future employees of the internal affairs bodies.


Spirituality, cultural and aesthetic education, religious teachings, church formation of the individual, morality

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