Advocate 'S participation in civil proceedings in the Czech republic

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Purpose: Research of legal and organizational questions of activity of the lawyer in civil process in the Czech Republic. Methodology: The author applied a formal-legal method and a method of the included supervision. Results: In article the characteristic is given to the rights and duties of the advocate as participant of civil process in the Czech Republic in relation to the clients and colleagues, and also concerning bodies of judicial authority. Conclusions concerning conditions of providing legal services are also formulated by the «European» and foreign lawyers. Novelty/originality/value: Article represents the scientific value as it is one of the first works devoted to legal status of the advocate in the Czech republic, published in the Russian scientific periodicals.


The law of foreign states, czech republic, the czech bar association, lawyer, the advocate's status, civil proceedings, the foreign advocate, the european lawyer, the rights and duties of an advocate, legal profession, attorney, advocate

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