The competitiveness management of tourist and recreational accommodation facilities using social media tools

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Since competitiveness, on the one hand, is determined by development of the social, technological, and political spheres, and on the other hand - by the actions of market players who apply in their activities the achievements of modern science and experience in business and management, the knowledge of competitiveness becomes the source, the use of which gives a particular organization the opportunity to predict and implement its own competitive position. Competition among hotel enterprises will not only improve the quality of their services, but also expand their range, constantly improving the opportunities for recreation of tourists. The main objectives of the managing tourist and recreational accommodation facilities are to create a competitive advantage and, consequently, increase competitiveness, which focuses on managing the competitiveness of organizations in this area using modern marketing tools. This article defines the special role of Social Media Marketing ((SMM) tourism and recreation, create maintain and improve the level of competitiveness of tourism and recreational services of accommodation facilities at the regional level. The definition of social media marketing of accommodation enterprises for tourists is also considered and the main tools of this type of marketing are highlighted. The article formulates the main proposals for the formation of a mechanism for managing the competitiveness of tourist and recreational accommodation facilities, which is expedient to apply in management practice of managers of hotels, resorts and recreation centers. The proposed tools to popularize these businesses in social networks are designed to motivate and encourage guests to take the necessary actions, namely: tell about the features of the hotels, resorts and recreation centers, about the including uniqueness, unlike others; tell its stories with words and pictures, but not just take pictures on the phone, and share insider information about travel. For tourist and recreational accommodation such a tool of promotion will provide an opportunity to expand the sphere of influence, increase the number of potential guests, as well as to reach a fundamentally new level of integration on mutually beneficial terms. Conducted research allows to form the main proposals for the formation of a mechanism to manage the competitiveness of tourism and recreational accommodation facilities.


Competitiveness management, social media marketing, tourism and recreational enterprises, accommodation facilities

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IDR: 140259929   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-2-93-101

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