Management of the resource potential of the company based on functional products

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The paper identifies the main socio-economic problems associated with the shortage of micronutrients in the diet of the population and possible solutions through production of a functional purpose, offered the option of expanding the product range baking enterprise and also evaluated its feasibility. The rapid pace of development of the economies of most countries in the world have led to negative social consequences, the main of which is a violation of the structure of power in the general population, the lack of nutritional vitamins and minerals, rhythm disturbance and diet, the consumption of hazardous and harmful products. The way out of this situation is the creation and distribution of food functionality, including bakery products. The main drawback of modern technologies for processing of agricultural raw materials is a reduction in their complex nutrients. The sharp decrease in the content of dietary fiber in the modern human diet led to a significant negative deviations in the health of the general population in developed countries. Due to lack of fiber, hemicellulose, pectin and lignin in food people develop various diseases such as colon cancer, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, deteriorates motor function of the intestine, progressing overgrowth, disrupted the activities of the cardiovascular system. Future direction of the range of functional bakery products increased food and biological value are presented in this article. Market launch of bakery products instead of using high-grade flour mixture of wheat flour and flour from whole grain wheat can bring significant profits. The use of such materials makes it possible to produce competitive and cost-effective products, while enhancing the range of functional products. The result of the development of functional and specialized bakery in the region, will act not only to improve the quality of life of the population, but the increase in revenues of the baking enterprises, increasing their competitiveness and innovative development.


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