Suspention cable structures and roofs of erections

Автор: Krivoshapko Sergey Nikolayevich

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Статья в выпуске: 7 (34), 2015 года.

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Suspension structures are simple in assembling, safe in maintenance, and sometimes possess the arch i- tectural expressiveness. The well-known structures and buildings which had practical importance and novelty, were marked by the rewards of professional association or were passed into the top lists of journals are pre- sented in the paper. Several large crashes of large-span cable roofs did not damp the interest to them from the part of architects and designers of public and industrial buildings.

Cable-laid rope, cable structures, one-layered cable covering, two-layered cable covering, suspension reinforced concrete shell, tensile combined structure, connection of intersecting cables, surface of negative gauss curvature

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