Influence of motor and psychomotive abilities of pilots on indicators of aircraft control

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The article shows that performance efficiency of aircraft control by pilots is determined by the presence of relevant professionally significant knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as the development level of necessary motor and psychomotor abilities, which should be formed and improved in the process of general and specially directed physical training. The solution to this problem is related to the overcoming of formed scientific contradiction in the theory and methodology of professionally applied physical training of military personnel between the need for purposeful development of important specific motor and psychomotor abilities for efficient aircraft control of pilots and the lack of an appropriate methodology for their development. In this connection the aim of this stage of the study was the determination of the influence of features of motor and psychomotor abilities on indicators of aircraft control by pilots of different qualification categories. To achieve this goal the following methods have been used: literature analysis, pedagogical testing, psychophysiological testing, instrumental registration method of aircraft control parameters during flight, mathematical statistics. The conducted analysis of correlations made it possible to differentiate the composition of the considered indicators of the development level of motor and psychomotor abilities of pilots of all qualification categories into two groups according to the degree of their influence on the aircraft control indicators. As a result, it was found that the development indicators of motor and psychomotor abilities of pilots of different qualification categories do not have the same effect on the parameters of aircraft control at certain stages of flight. The research results allow to say that in order to improve the effectiveness of professionally oriented physical training of pilots it seems appropriate to choose the entire considered composition of indicators of motor and psychomotor abilities, reflecting their development level, as informative criteria.


Pilots, motor abilities, psychomotor abilities, aircraft control

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