Influence of the changed social - political conditions on personal characteristics of military higher educational institutions cadets

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The results of the conducted research for the detection of contingent characteristics which is trained in the higher military educational institutions are presented in the article. This subject is considered within the existing problem of preparation of military personnel with higher education. The argument of relevance of the designated problem from two positions is submitted. The first one is a need of army creation equipped with modern weapons and highly qualified military specialists. The second one is a reforming of higher professional school. The authors define a role of army in the state and society life, designate its importance and a place among other important social problems, as well as they focus special attention on the transformations happening in the Russian society in the social environment. The attention is paid to professional selection in military higher educational institutions, in connection with transition to the unified state examination. The data obtained in the investigations which are aimed to establish the characteristics of contingent attending military schools are of particular interest. The analysis results of the received information, on the basis of which the authors define the students' personal characteristics are discussed. The results are interpreted as a consequence of influence of the newly formed socio-economic conditions which determined new material and spiritual values and life priorities. The authors give the conclusions drawn on the basis of the conducted research results, and also show own views on the solution of the considered problem and perspectives of quality improvement in the preparation of military personnel.


Military service, socio-political conditions, preparation of officer shots, military higher education institutions, characteristics of the contingent

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