Influence of ultrasound on duration of producing of confectionery with proteinaceous and fatty emulsions at a continuous cycle of production

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Application of protein-oil emulsions processed by the ultrasound and pulsating magnetic field for the production of pastry in the ultrasound field leads to the significant growth of its quality, economy of vegetable fats, increase of antiadhesivity and efficiency of the ovens. It’s known that emulsions are cooked at the baking enterprises according to GOST Р 51785-2001 by the way of mechanical beating of ingredients. Earlier we have suggested and studied the way of production of alimentary protein-oil emulsions of increased dispersion and stability with application of ultrasound radiator and neodymium magnets, stiffly fixed on its thickener(1). Their application had significant influence on the increase of quality indices of the pasty, hard tack for Arctic. For this, there were used emulsion of curd whey, diluted with water 1:7, unrefined sunflower oil and sunflower phosphatides amounting up to 17% of kneaded dough. Combined, coinciding by amplitude, imposition of the ultrasound and magnet field pulsing with its frequency in the contact layer of the dispersed liquid ingredients, notably increase viscosity and dispersity of the obtained protein-oil emulsions in comparison to just ultrasound influence. At the same time, there was revealed synergism of influence of the ultrasound and magnetic field on the increase of homogeneity, strength andresistance of emulsion to the mechanical and temperature impacts, its bactericidal effect, prolonging the terms of safe use of the product. Obtained emulsions are less demanding to the modes of storage and transportation. The level of production of piezoelectric ultrasound installations as well as neodymium magnets, their small sizes and low power consumption allow using of continuous preparation of emulsion in the line for the decrease of cost and increase of quality of the items of baking enterprises. Of special note is that we have proved experimentally an additional influenceof ultrasound in the volume of oven on the twofold reduction of time spent on the proofing, baking and cooling of pastry with developed emulsion that is economically proved for the combining and automation of all processes in one device. The main attention in the experiment is paid to the maintaining of equal temperature and humidity conditions for production processes of pastry preparation with continuous imposition of ultrasound and without it. At the same time, it was revealed that necessary temperature in the center of hard tacks “Arktika” with use of protein-oil emulsions in all processes was achieved 25-30% earlier under the influence of ultrasound. The items are characterized by the increased yield and even, darker color of refined crust.


Production in one device, quality of pastry, emulsion, whey, sunflower phosphatides, neodymium magnets, bactericidal effect, ultrasound radiator, minimal power inputs

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IDR: 140229998   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-55-61

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