Influence of liquid smoke flavoring on the rheological characteristics of minced fish

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Organoleptic properties of the finished products from minced fish of centralized production does not always meet the specified quality requirements. In this regard, the use of a liquid smoke flavoring will allow to give the products new attractive taste properties, to expand the range of commonly eaten food, to improve the oxidative stability and microbial spoilage during storage, to essentially simplify the technological process, as compared to traditional smoking, and above all to get safe products. The influence of the addition of the liquid smoke flavoring on functional and technological, physico-chemical and rheological properties of products is known. The parameters of ultimate shear stress (USS), effective viscosity and adhesion of mince of industrial production and those produced of raw materials are defined. The influence of the chemical composition and the type of raw material on these indicators is shown. The influence of water binding and water-holding capacity of mince of industrial production and those produced of raw materials on rheology indicators is defined and confirmed by significant correlation calculations. It was determined that the addition of liquid smoke flavoring "liquid smoke" reduced effective viscosity, adhesion properties of minced fish both of industrial production and that produced of raw materials. The nature of the rheological parameters change was the same for all kinds of mince. The study of water binding and water-holding capacity, shear stress limits, effective viscosity suggests that the minced fish products where liquid smoke flavoring is added will have good formability and rheological properties. The studies have shown that the rheological parameters of the studied minced fish were within normal limits, which allows their use in the centralized production of semi-finished goods and products.


Smoke flavorings, minced fish, rheological parameters, ultimate shear stress, effective viscosity, adhesion

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IDR: 140229958   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-193-198

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