In the ice of the 40th meridian (the research of the death in the Arctic expedition G. L. Brusilov)

Автор: Zobnin Andrei N

Журнал: Арктика и Север @arcticandnorth

Рубрика: История

Статья в выпуске: 6, 2012 года.

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In the article gives a refutation of the generally accepted versions of the fate of the thirteen members of the expedition Brusilov, remaining on board the schooner St. Anna after the departure of the navigator Albanov V. A., in April 1914. For the first time, gathered together on the basis of available historical and geographical sources of currents, winds and drifting ice in the Arctic in a particular area, showing the most probable direction of the drift of the schooner, the reasons for its demise and the subsequent path of G. Brusilov expedition to the eastern coast of Svalbard

Expedition, ice, wind, drift, parallel, meridian, arctic, "saint anna", brusilov, schooner, albanov, latitude, shelf, de long, boat, northern, "jeanette", trans arctic, spizbergen, the land of franz iosif

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