Issues of normative and legal enforcement of efficient complex use and reproduction of pine forests

Автор: Zheldak V.I., Sidorenkov M.V., Tsaregradskaya S. Yu.

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Статья в выпуске: 4, 2017 года.

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The results of the analysis formed the set of measures address the problem of Siberian pine and Korean pineon the basis of the accumulated scientific potential and normative-methodical developments for integrated manage-ment of this forests and forest management with application developed in the last decades of the XX century – earlyXXI century conceptual and methodological foundations ofsystem of forest management and the implementation ofsilvicultural measures of the content (reproduction, protection, conservation) and use of forests on zonal-typologi-cal basis of their differentiation according to the intended purpose. In terms of the legislative and normative-legalregulation of separate blocks of activities lesoustroistva (reforestation, forest care), as well as the protection and useof forests, problems of regulation system of the integrated forest management and maintenance of pine forests, isenvisaged to ensure a combination of the development guidance document (or documents), which developed andrefined a holistic system of normative regulation of all forestry activities, which is mutually agreed elements in theexisting normative legal documents, preferably regional forest areas (developed in accordance with applicable law).Effective implementation of the developed silvicultural measures regulatory regulation of maintenance and use ofcedar forests is provided in the development of organizational forms of implementation ofthe forest managementand forest management, mostly on a permanent (indefinite) basis, including and in the form «perpetual lease» offorest land with constant monitoring of their condition, not less than with annual evaluation of the ratio of thechanges in connection with logging and other activities, with the target envisaged in the plan (project) develop-ment, maintenance and use of the leased forest parcel (or any object of use and maintenance of forests) in the peri-odic update (adjustment) of the project, excluding at the same time, the deterioration of the targets (except in casesof catastrophic situations – fires, mass pathology, etc.) not related to economic activity.


Forest management, ecological functions, non-timber resources, woods of pinus sibirika and pinus korai?nsis, preservation of pinus sibirika and pinus korai?nsis, comprehensive utilization, reforestation

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IDR: 143166248   |   DOI: 10.24419/LHI.2304-3083.2017.4.01

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