Age restruction of micro-circulator-tissue relations in young athletes

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The work shows that systematic sports in children and adolescents are accompanied by an increase in blood perfusion in the exchange link of the microvasculature. Among children's groups, the maximum intensity of blood flow in judokas. The leading mechanism of microcirculation regulation is the vasodilatory effect of endotheliocytes, smooth muscle cells of arterioles and precapillary sphincters of metarteriol. Young athletes have a statistically significant contribution from respiratory oscillations. In children who are not involved in sports, a high rate of oxygen utilization by tissues in combination with increased activity of oxidative phosphorylation reactions is at rest. With the transition to the age group of adolescents, the intensity of microcirculation decreases in three groups. In athletes, along with the dominance of active regulation mechanisms, the contribution of passive regulation mechanisms decreases. Unlike non-athletic teenagers, athletes have reduced oxygen consumption and oxidative phosphorylation reactions.


Athletes, microcirculation, laser doppler flowmetry, oxygen consumption, redox reactions

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