A global approach to assessing competitiveness digital economy

Автор: Kobilov A.U., Rikhsimboev O.K., Rajabov Sh.B.

Журнал: Экономика и бизнес: теория и практика @economyandbusiness

Статья в выпуске: 11-2 (81), 2021 года.

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Today, the information and telecommunications infrastructure (hereinafter - ICT) is coming to the fore, which is becoming the most important element of economic development. It is impossible to consolidate the state in the world economic and information space without modern accessible telecommunication infrastructure. ICT accessibility is the foundation for building a digital economy. The author examines the features of a competitive digital economy (re-industrialization of the economy), as well as the requirements for it. A separate aspect is considered by the cognitive technologies of the innovative ecosystem, which are an integral part of a competitive digital economy.


Artificial intelligence, digital economy, cognitive technologies, information and telecommunication infrastructure, innovation ecosystem

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IDR: 170193737

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