A Novel Heat Pipeline Design for North and Northwest Continental Urban and Rural Areas

Автор: Evgeny B. Benenson

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Статья в выпуске: 7, 2008 года.

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This article discusses the state of urban and rural heat pipeline networks of various climatic regions. An emphasis is made on vulnerability of the current heat pipeline design, and necessity for some stretch design is being proved. Novel design of various heat pipeline elements is given a fairly detailed consideration; several three-dimensional views of the said elements are also shown. Examples of other countries’ heat pipeline structures are given. The design of the prefabricated elements of the project brought to discussion is not given in full detail. A complete version of the standard-format project (containing parts and units thereof) is available upon potential customers’ request. It is important to note that in addition to hot water supply, that is, heat pipeline’s routine application, the project is specific for its substantial benefits: as related heat-engineering calculation shows, superficial heat loss in the pipeline under discussion is only 23 wt/sq m, 5 times smaller a figure in contrast to that of conventional structures (119 wt/sq m) currently in use. In terms of fuel equivalent (within the price scale of 1999-2000- ies) this enables to cut expenses for per-kilometer extra heat boosting of return network water by $2,000-3,000 annually. Besides, 70-year-long trouble-free operation period is to be taken into consideration, too.


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