Accreditation in forensic expert activity

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The principles of the admissibility of forensic examination can be ensured through the accreditation of forensic institutions. The article is devoted to conformity assessment in forensic activities. The article discusses the features of accreditation of forensic institutions in the era of digitalization. Some aspects of certification in forensic activities are touched upon. The legal regulation of accreditation in forensic activities is considered. The main bodies authorized to carry out accreditation of forensic institutions are indicated. The activities of the Working Group 10 of the ILAC Accreditation Committee on the formation of a uniform approach to the forensic examination process and on the creation of uniform recommendations for the joint application of ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17025 standards in forensic activities are considered.


Accreditation of expert laboratories, digitalization, certification, methodological support

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