Actual problems of training the personal staff of the internal affairs bodies to ensure personal safety

Автор: Aldoshin Andrey Vitalievich, Nosov Stanislav Andreevich

Журнал: Автономия личности @avtonomiya-lichnosti

Рубрика: Теория и практика личной безопасности

Статья в выпуске: 1 (29), 2023 года.

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The article deals with the problems of training employees of internal affairs bodies to ensure personal safety when performing operational and official tasks. One of the most pressing issues that the global law enforcement community has always paid the closest attention to is the protection of the personal safety of its employees. In recent decades, this problem has also been highlighted by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, becoming the subject of scientific research, publications, and an incentive for the creation of special educational programs. In the context of these processes, of particular interest is the development of models that allow police officers to form professional qualities and properties that allow them to ensure the safety of their colleagues and themselves. The factors influencing the effectiveness of law enforcement and the actions of employees in emergency situations are revealed.


Personal safety, readiness, employee, use of physical force, fighting techniques of struggle

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