Current problems arising in the implementation of the investigator procedural decisions made by the prosecutor based on the results of the examination of the criminal case that has come to him with the indictment

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Despite the sufficiently long period of existence in the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation of the norm defining the list of procedural decisions that can be taken by the prosecutor on the basis of the examination of the criminal case received by him with the indictment, the procedure for re-compilation of the indictment does not have proper normative regulation, which makes this problem highly relevant for law enforcement practice. The study is based on general scientific and private scientific methods of cognition of phenomena and processes of objective reality. The empirical basis of the study consisted of statistical reporting data on criminal cases sent to prosecutors, which were prosecuted by investigators of internal affairs bodies, and procedural decisions taken on them, materials of criminal cases, as well as scientific publications on the analyzed subject.


Internal affairs bodies, investigator, preliminary investigation, indictment, grounds for return of a criminal case by a prosecutor, redrafting of indictment

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IDR: 140298620   |   DOI: 10.52068/2304-9839_2023_62_3_90

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