Alcohol as a factor of gender gap in all-cause mortality in Russia

Автор: Razvodovsky Yury E., Zotov Pavel B.

Журнал: Сибирский вестник психиатрии и наркологии @svpin

Рубрика: Клиническая наркология

Статья в выпуске: 3 (100), 2018 года.

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Objective: In present study we will test the hypothesis of the close aggregate level link between alcohol consumption and gender gap in all-cause mortality rates in Russia using data on sex-specific mortality rates and alcohol consumption per capita between 1980 and 2010. Method: Time-series analytical modeling techniques (ARIMA) are used to examine the relation between the gender gap in all-cause mortality and trends in alcohol consumption per capita. Results: According to the results of time-series analysis, alcohol consumption is a statistically significant factor associated with gender gap in all-cause mortality in Russia. The results of the analysis also suggest that alcohol-attributable portion of gender gap ranges from 47.2% (60-74 age group) to 72.3% (30-44 age group). Conclusions: The outcomes of this study provide indirect support for the hypothesis that alcohol is a major contributor to the high gender gap in all-cause mortality and its dramatic fluctuations in Russia during the last few decades.


Alcohol consumption, all-cause mortality, gender gap, Russia

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IDR: 142215857   |   DOI: 10.26617/1810-3111-2018-3(100)-16-20

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