Alternative approach to the volunteers’ activity basics teaching in physical education and sports higher schools

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The article deals with the importance of the volunteers’ activity basics introduction in the physical education and sports higher schools’ curriculum because of its growing popularity, great cognitive and educational role for the young generation in the situation when many moral values were lost in modern society. Being involved in the volunteers’ activity students can also get an excellent opportunity of joining the competitive sport, of personal growth and professional skills improvement. The authors believe that it is convenient to teach the basics of volunteers’ activity in combination with other disciplines. That is why they pay special attention to the integral approach as an efficient means of volunteers’ activity basics teaching within definite disciplines. The contents of the volunteers’ movement theory can be distributed according to the similarity of questions.


Volunteer, sports volunteer, definition of the notion "volunteer", the history of the volunteers' movement, volunteers' project, motivation, integral approach, programs of volunteers' language preparation, volunteers' activity, volunteers' movement, volunteers' language preparation


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