Analytical determination of temperature fields of biopolymers in the form of channels coextrusion during extrusion

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Improvement of the theory and methods of calculation of extrusion equipment is a problem whose solution provides the optimal design of its components in order to obtain the desired product quality. As the quality of the extrudate, extrusion machine performance is largely determined by the mode of pre matrix zone worm, article considers the mathematical model of the extrusion process for this particular zone of the extruder. Using co-extrusion will greatly expand the range of multicomponent products, balanced chemical composition and with programmable features. In their manufacture the inner layer is formed from fat-vitamin fillings and an outer shell - of the extrusion obtained cereal-based. To ensure the stability of the co-extrusion process forming head channels must be designed so that the pressure generated therein is sufficient to distribute the material and the residence time therein of the extrudate is minimized. Solution of this problem requires an accurate description of the flow of materials in the form of channels. This article contains a mathematical description of the process of co-extrusion feed mixtures in the channel matrix of the extruder. The analytical determination of the distribution of temperature fields in fat-vitamin stuffing. A method for selecting the diameter of the dispensing nozzle to the desired value of the ratio of volumetric flow rates of the extrudate and fillings is proposed. The analysis of the flow of heat-labile non-Newtonian fluids in channels extruder with allowance for dissipative phenomena and nonisothermal is conducted. Analytical determination of the distribution of temperature fields in fat-vitamine filling extrudates was conducted for the sites from the pump outlet to the extruder housing,in the pre matrix zone and co-extrusion head shape. The resulting mathematical model can be easily adapted to other areas of the extruder.


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