Analysis of human capital in the region as a source of import substitution

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As a basis for the growth of the modern Russian economy, we considered the indicator “human capital of the region”. The actualization of the modern import substitution policy, caused by Western sanctions against Russia, and the targeted growth in labor productivity have led to the special importance of the “human capital” indicator for the regions of the central part of Russia. The authors made an excursion into the historical period and the international aspect of the study of this indicator. The article concludes that the value of human capital is determined by the values of labor resources. The total number of labor resources in the Voronezh region, the number of the employed able-bodied population in the division into groups (adolescents, people of pre-retirement age, migrants, etc.) are analyzed. The groups and the number of economically active population, the main trends of increasing real incomes of the population in the Voronezh region are identified. The forecast of the labor market is formulated in the form of identified trends in the reduction of the main component of labor resources: the number of able-bodied working-age population from among the employed citizens of older working-age and foreign labor migrants, which will provide some compensation for losses in the number of labor resources...


Human capital, labor market, region, import substitution, manpower, employment, unemployment

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IDR: 140238674   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-3-451-457

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