Analysis of the chemical composition and properties of the main and side products during the implementation of new technologies for producing ethanol

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The article studied yeast composition isolated from the separation of the mash, bran separated in the grinding step, as well as a protein supplement obtained by mixing these two products. Crude fat content ranges from 4,7 to 6,2%, crude protein content is 38%, which is 20% lower than in the fodder yeast, but 14% higher than that of the bran. It is also found that the resulting protein product enriched in micro- and macro-elements, as well as readily hydrolyzable and water soluble carbohydrates. crude fiber content is 5,5%, which is almost 2,5 times lower than in the bran. The composition of the feed protein supplement obtained with the introduction at the stage of aqueous suspension of wheat powdery cellulolytic enzyme preparation Viskolaza 150 L and without it. The enzyme preparation was added in the step of preparing aqueous suspensions and wheat powdery dosage of 0,01% by weight of the feedstock. protein feed additives obtained with and without addition of cellulolytic enzyme preparation of high quality crude protein content and protein. Thus, the content of crude protein in the protein with the introduction of an additive in an aqueous suspension of powdery Viskolazy 150 L was 37% whereas 34% without the enzyme preparation. The amount of soluble polysaccharides and the mass fraction of ash were practically at the same level of from 2,4 to 5% and from 5,5 to 7,0%, respectively. fiber content of the protein supplement using Viskolazy 150 L was 4,2-6,1%, which is 2,5 times lower than in the protein supplement obtained without enzyme preparation.


Enzyme preparations, protein supplement, complex technology, mash, yeast, bran

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IDR: 140250991   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2020-3-71-77

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