Analysis of innovative activity in the region: new approaches

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In the article the development of the methodology of research of modern innovative activity in a region of the Russian Federation (on the example of the Krasnodar kray) is shown. It is proved that the traditional methodologies of the research on the macro level available today need adjustment for different levels of management. The methodological prospects of the subject oriented approach and in particular the prospects of the methodology of the construction of the infrastructural and stage matrix in two dimensional table format are assessed. The analysis of the limitation of the existing approach is made and the prospects of use of the structure and functional matrix of the system of the regulative innovative activity are studied. The idea of the complete cycle of the innovative activity on the municipal and regional levels removes restrictions from the existing approach in respect of the incompleteness of the cycle - the beginning and the end of the cycle are connected with the satisfaction of needs...


Innovative activity, innovative environment, national innovative system, regional innovative development, philosophical and methodical analysis, life cycle, evolution, subject focused (environmental) approach, infrastructure and landmark matrix


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IDR: 149131148   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2016.4.6

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