Analysis of the efficiency of agricultural production

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The scientific article presents the results of the analysis of the state of functioning of agricultural enterprises. The natural and economic situation in the region makes it possible to intensively develop the production of marketable products in all sectors of the agro-industrial complex, including fruit and vegetable growing in terms of profitability. Fruit and vegetable products are one of the most important types that are in high demand among the population and consumers outside the region. The Kabardino-Balkarian Republic is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the North Caucasus Federal District. Studies have shown that the main factors determining the growth of the gross production of vegetables and berries is the expansion of areas for fruit and berry crops by half by 2010. Based on the research carried out, it is confirmed that the use of intensive technologies in the production of fruits and berries provides a fairly high increase in yield. Due to the fact that fruit and berry crops are perishable food products, it is necessary to bring them to the end consumer in a presentable form as soon as possible. One of the problems often encountered for the further development of fruit and berry production is the incompletely established links between producers and various services that perform the functions of storage, transportation, processing and delivery of products to end consumers. Therefore, farms of all categories should take into account first and foremost when developing policies for managing production activities and forecasting. Increasing the efficiency of production of fruit and berry products and continuous saturation of the consumer market with high-quality fruit and berry products is possible in the context of the introduction of the introduction of intensive methods of agricultural technology, strengthening of state support measures in the context of the application of the results of analysis of the effectiveness of the activities of farms of all categories. An increase in the gross yield of fruits and berries can be achieved as a result of planting orchards using adapted varieties that are resistant to current climatic conditions.


Economic security, mechanism, agricultural products, production, financial indicators, profitability, external and internal threats, protection from threats

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IDR: 140257344   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-336-342

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