Efficiency analysis of auxiliary departments of an organization: methods and practical approval

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The main reason motivating the consideration of the article subject consists in difficulty to estimate the work efficiency of the auxiliary divisions by means of standard efficiency factors as the most of these divisions carry out orders mainly for own needs of the organizations and according to the cost of these orders in intra-economic turnover is transferred at prime cost. The improvement of the efficiency review technique of the auxiliary repair divisions of different organizations (on the example of the RUE «Vitebskenergo ») is described in the article. The aim of this article is development of the transformed methodical methods and approaches to the efficiency review of the auxiliary repair divisions by setting and performance assessment of the main criteria with a corresponding creation of the staff motivation system in these divisions. Consideration of the put problem has led to the next results: 1. The main planning stages and performance appraisal of the auxiliary divisions that have been put into practice are defined. 2. The development of the transformed efficiency assessment technique of the auxiliary divisions by method of a linear program and target planning has been made. 3. The approbation of this method has been implemented on the example of the centralized equipment repair shop in the branch Vitebsk electricity networks of the RUE «Vitebskenergo». The results of this research can be applied in the organizations having a significant amount of branches and auxiliary divisions for the efficiency evaluation of their work, the staff motivation in these divisions, and they can also form a basis for further researches as regards the development of normative rates of the ponderability of an evaluation integrated indicator and its criteria for different types of auxiliary divisions.


Cистема условных единиц, efficiency, service of the main production, auxiliary divisions, repair divisions, plan execution, integrated indicator of efficiency, system of conventional units, ponderability coefficient

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