Analysis of economic and technological factors affecting the efficiency of obtaining ethyl alcohol for chemical and fuel purposes

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The market value of alcohol production reaches 500 rubles per 1 decaliter (at a cost of up to 430 rubles per 1 decaliter), which does not allow it to be used effectively for purposes other than alcohol beverages. To successfully implement this ethanoll for the needs of the chemical and fuel industry it is necessary to achieve a market value of up to 300 rubles per 1 decaliter (with a cost of 250 rubles per 1 decaliter). To achieve such indicators, studies were carried out on the production of alcohol from starch-containing secondary raw materials of grain complex processing for gluten, starch, syrups, amino acids and organic acids. Samples of starch milk and wheat bran were used as secondary raw materials. As a result, the ratio of starch milk and bran was selected, which allows obtaining a normative yield of alcohol up to 66.3 decaliter / ton of conventional starch. The resulting bard was similar in terms of indicators from the grain, which makes it possible to treat stillage to dried fodder using the same enrgysave equipment...


Ethyl alcohol, secondary raw materials, bard, feed products, complex processing, technology

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IDR: 140238670   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-3-429-434

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