Analysis of research activity of Volgograd SPEA over 2014-2019 period and development prospects of university science in the coming fifth anniversary

Автор: Yakimovich V.S., Chemov V.V., Germanov G.N.

Журнал: Физическое воспитание и спортивная тренировка @journal-fvist

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Статья в выпуске: 1 (31), 2020 года.

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In the work, the scientific productivity of the Volgograd State Physical Education Academy (VSPEA) was evaluated over the period of its five-years formation. The source of scientometrical information was informative and analytical materials for monitoring the performance of VSPEA for 2014-2018 period, as well as monitoring indicators over 2019 was included in the annual scientific report. A retrospective analysis of dissertations in educational institutions is presented. The median values of the indicators of research work of the VSPEA in comparison with the indicators of state and municipal universities are given. The development strategy of the institution for 2020-2025 has been determined. This study will allow us to critically reflect on the period of scientific development of the Academy over the past years and outline ways to improve the effectiveness of research and development work in the future.


E-library, volgograd spea, monitoring of efficiency of activity, organizations of higher education, educational organizations of sports orientation, scientometrics, scientific activity, scientific research work, scientific productivity, scientific profile, citation indices, hirsch index, rsci


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