Analysis of the document circulation system in the department of social protection of the population in rural districts

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The article presents the results of a study of the document circulation system, document flows in relation to the department of social protection of the population of the municipality. Since the social protection of the population of the municipality is a part of the general system of social provision of the population with services and necessary information, the document man-agement system is subordinated to two levels, i.e. mutual exchange is carried out between all participants of different levels of management. However, it should be stated that there are some peculiarities in territorial entities. This is due to the annual increase in document flow, especially within the organization itself. If at the level of the Russian system of social protection, legislative acts that ensure the functioning of social protection come to a lower level of government, then tasks for the performance of services are issued from the regional government to the municipal level. Internal documents, the number of which is constantly increasing, creates a negative atti-tude towards innovations among staff and among households in general. The introduction of new digital technologies, the formation of a single database allow you to receive timely and reliable information, open access to social services of the population, which determines the effectiveness of the document management system in organizations. The article analyzes the dynamics and structure of document flows.


Municipal formation, social protection, documents, document circulation, information, document flow

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