Statistical analysis of accellerated construction of orbital reference frame for manned and cargo transport spacecraft and accuracy increase methods

Автор: Sumarokov Anton Vladimirovich, Borisenko Yury Nikolaevich, Borisenko Nikolay Yuryevich, Platonov Valery Nikolayevich

Журнал: Космическая техника и технологии @ktt-energia

Рубрика: Динамика, баллистика, управление движением летательных аппаратов

Статья в выпуске: 2 (21), 2018 года.

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Consideration is given to the results of using an accelerated construction algorithm for manned and cargo transport spacecraft Soyuz MS and Progress MS orbital reference frame. An accelerated orbital reference frame construction algorithm applied in the spacecraft motion control and navigation system is based on the knowledge of the anticipated spacecraft attitude at separation from the launch vehicle and its angular spin rate upon readiness of the angular rate sensors. Based on the telemetry information received for the year of using this algorithm, a precision of establishing the orbital attitude is analyzed, and average errors of attitude determination by the proposed method are provided. Additionally, based on the analysis results methods of increasing the attitude prediction accuracy are presented.


Manned transport spacecraft soyuz ms, cargo transport spacecraft progress ms, orbital reference frame construction, motion control and navigation system

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IDR: 143166673

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