Analysis of the structure of competitive activities of swimmers, specializing in medley swimming

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Medley swimming is the youngest and most challenging type of Olympic swimming competition program. Achievements of foreign athletes in these types are significantly superior to domestic ones. However, very little attention is paid to the detailed study of this specific type of competitive activity. For 46 years of its Olympic development in the country there is very little information about the specifics of training athletes, the dynamics of sports results and their analysis, which would contribute to the much-needed process of improving the current situation. As a result of the research, the structure of the competitive activity of Imer at distances of 200 and 400 meters was determined. A detailed analysis of the structure of the competitive activity of swimmers specializing in medley swimming at these distances is carried out. Prospects for improving the structural components of distances in the training process of highly qualified athletes are determined.


Medley swimming, competitive activity, swimmers, start, turns, finish, structure, components

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