Analysis of tourist potential of the Volgograd region

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Tourism renders a considerable effect on the economic and social development of a territory, therefore the development of the industry of tourism becomes an economic problem of a priority. The purpose of this study is to determine the tourism potential of the Volgograd region. Methodology of the study were the analysis of statistical data and content analysis of the scientific literature on the studied subject. Methods of system approach, comparisons and analogies, summarizing information, statistical and analytical methods were also used. In this paper, a SWOT-analysis, which determines the potential of the tourism industry of the Volgograd region was used. The structure of the hotels’ supply and quality of service in local hotels is analyzed. A comparative analysis of the level of prices of hotels Volgograd and other cities of the Southern Federal District is made. The basic problems of the industry and ways to solve them are marked. The features of marketing promotion of the Volgograd region as a tourist destination are studied...


Tourism industry, territory marketing, tourism marketing, swot-анализ, swot-analysis, tourism product, competitiveness, volgograd, tourist market, tourist, hotel, tourist attractiveness of a territory

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