Business processes automation as a mechanism for increasing efficiency of hotel enterprises

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Hotel business is a leading industry in the service sector. The current state of the hotel services market is characterized by a high level of competition, a variety of types of services provided and an increase in the level of service. Today, hotel companies amid a fierce struggle for each guest are forced to actively improve, using a variety of intra-organizational and technological innovations as the most effective mechanisms to increase competitiveness. At the present stage of hotel business development, the use of information technologies significantly contributes to the optimization of all business processes and, as a result, allows hotels to create consumer loyalty, strengthen their own image and ultimately increase revenue. A hospitality business needs to process numerous flows of information and coordinate the work of a large number of people. Automated Control System (ACS) significantly increases the efficiency of the hospitality industry. In the article, the author provides a detailed analysis of current trends in the use of automated hotel management systems, reveals the features and specifics of individual software products, and specifies their role and effectiveness in improving the competitiveness of a modern hotel enterprise.


Hotel business, automated control systems (ACS), competitiveness, business processes, information technology, hospitality industry

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IDR: 140244075   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2019-10313

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