Automation of synthesis of composite content ontology design pattern

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Using of Ontology Design Patterns (ODPs) become useful for development and reengineering ontologies. ODPs represent encodings of best practices supporting ontology construction by facilitating reuse of proven solution principles. In this paper, we focus on Content ODPs (CDPs), which represent small ontology fragments that encode general use cases (e.g. participation in event, role playing, parts of object.). Content CDPs are used as building blocks during ontology development. In such cases they could be specializes, extends, integrates by user to obtain new composite CDP which would allow to provide more expressive representation of domain concept in the ontology is being developed. But to make such CDP composition it is not enough to simply join together corresponding ontology fragments. Often it is need to change them and link their elements in special way. It demands that developer understands the meaning of patterns structure and has additional skills of ontology engineering and therefore it may reduce the benefits of using CDPs. Therefore in this paper automatic selection of suitable CDPs on the base of the predefined relations between them and the procedure for synthesis of new composite CDP are suggested. At the end of the paper an example of the synthesis of composite CDP for a particular task is considered.


Ontology, ontology design patterns, ontology engineering, synthesis automation

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IDR: 170178717   |   DOI: 10.18287/2223-9537-2016-6-2-162-172

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