Biomechanical analysis of the competitive exercise execution with "bending double backflip" in jumping on the acrobatic track

Автор: Shukshov S., Pilyuk N., Fomichenko S., Zhigaylova L., Paveliev I.

Журнал: Физическая культура, спорт - наука и практика @fizicheskaya-kultura-sport

Рубрика: Теория и методика спортивной тренировки

Статья в выпуске: 2, 2018 года.

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In the field of sports science, especially in elite sports, various technical, including electronic, measuring and other devices began to be used systematically, which allow you to record and analyze the athletes’ biomechanical parameters in real time during the execution of the assigned tasks. The purpose of the study was the revealing of the leading motor characteristics of the execution of competitive exercises, with «bending double backflip» on the acrobatic track in their different parts for further correction of athletes’ technical preparedness. To determine the basic space-time characteristics in the execution of «bending double backflip» on the acrobatic track there was a video shooting of competitive programs of qualified athletes, performing with the CMS and MS programs with a video camera Sony HDR-CX625 at the resolution of 1920x1080 at the speed of 60 frames per second. The obtained results of the competitive exercises of qualified athletes in jumping on the acrobatic track have been processed with the help of the sports analysis software «Kinovea». The study has identified and analyzed the indicators: - phase structure of motor actions; - spatial characteristics of the performance of motor actions;- temporal characteristics of the performance of motor actions; - angular parameters of the performance of motor actions. The obtained data have been mathematically processed and have been subjected to the calculation of the arithmetic mean values, the root-mean-square deviation. It has been revealed that the reduction of the «kurbet» execution time allows to perform next acrobatic elements at a higher altitude. Increase in the «angle of attack» when performing complex acrobatic elements leads to the increase in the length of the trajectory of motor actions and is one of the most common mistakes in the performance of the double flips’ varieties in the middle of the combination.


Jumps on the acrobatic track, technical preparedness, space-time characteristics, video analysis

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