Block-modular program of pre-competitive training of athletes of mass categories in beach volleyball

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Relevance. The accumulated theoretical, scientific and practical experience in classical volleyball, as well as sports theory, can effectively provide long-term training of athletes in various game sports, including beach volleyball. The pre-competition stage of preparation is one of the most crucial for achieving high sports results in official games. The key task of this stage is the player's output to the indicators of optimal athletic form. The block-modular periodization of sports training existing in the theory of sports training has shown its high efficiency, but it has not been reflected in beach volleyball, which is a very relevant issue requiring experimental justification. The purpose of the study is to theoretically develop and experimentally substantiate a block-modular program of pre-competitive training of athletes in beach volleyball. Research methodology. To substantiate the problem of research and the realization of the goal, the following research methods were used: analysis of scientific and methodological literature; pedagogical observation; pedagogical testing; pedagogical experiment; methods of mathematical statistics. The results of the study indicate that positive changes begin to manifest themselves more strongly in the experimental group after a few weeks of classes, after two months (the second examination - April) they reach significant values, and after 5 months (the third test - June) they become statistically significant in 5 out of 8 parameters (t=2.2-3.1, at p function show_eabstract() { $('#eabstract1').hide(); $('#eabstract2').show(); $('#eabstract_expand').hide(); }


Beach volleyball, qualified athletes, precompetitive training, block-modular program, physical exercises, training load

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