COVID-19 otolaryngological symptoms

Автор: Petkov D.P., Grigorova Ts.A.

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Introduction: We detect, analyze and discuss the different ear nose throat (ENT) manifestations those were reported in COVID19 hospitalised patients in the university hospital of Burgas. [1] Aim: The aim of the study is to find common ENT symptoms for developing the disease in COVID19 positive patients. [2] Materials and methods: We made a questionnaire among the hospitalized patients and a research in the PubMed databases, Web of Science and others. Results: Within the included 98 COVID-19 laboratory - confirmed positive patients, the most common ENT manifestations of COVID-19 was sore throat (15%). Other common otorhinolaryngological manifestations of the disease were - pharyngeal erythema, runny nose, nasal congestion, enlargement of the tonsils, infection of the upper respiratory tract. Conclusions: As a conclusion we can say that ENT manifestations for COVID-19 are not common as fever and cough. Nevertheless the disease is still spreading and with all the mutations we should continue the evaluation of the clinical manifestation. [3]


Covid19, ent, symptoms, manifestations, ear, nose, throat

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