Dynamics of the creative economy under conditions of social mobility limitation

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The problem of studying the dynamics of the creative economy of hybrid life in conditions of limited social mobility, permeating all spheres of life, education and the modern digital economy is relevant. The rapid change in living conditions in the face of fear of a pandemic and the restriction of social mobility increases the level of uncertainty in the result of life in a non-linear open catastrophic world in which a virus, as an organism that does not have its metabolic apparatus, can determine the state and development of systems in nature, society, education, health and safety, including economic systems. Based on the historical approach, the article discusses the dynamics of the modern economy in comparison with the economy of the Great Patriotic War, which, in essence, was “creative”, although there was no such concept in those years. The analogy of the transfer of that "creative" economy to the "war footing" of "manual limitation of social mobility" with the modern economy of hybrid being, and the logic of using our Russian experience to overcome this disaster are shown.


Creative economy of hybrid being, economics of organismic exchange, human saving, environment of collectivism among the people, laws of i. newton's dynamics, the power of administrative limitation of social mobility, a new understanding of the philosophy of hybrid being


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