Imbalance of instrumental and humanitarian training of a specialist as a fundamental problem of modern education

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The article is devoted to the current problem of the growing imbalance in the structure of educational activities of technological training and humanitarian equipment of a specialist. The work has an interdisciplinary character, written at the intersection of cultural studies and pedagogy. The author shows that the reduced volume of the humanitarian disciplines is not capable of shaping the personality of a humanist as a subject of national culture and a professional responsible for his vocation. The “technological block” without the spiritual and moral basis moves professional activity to a space free from moral principles and norms. The article characterizes the key factors and causes of the imbalance of the instrumental and spiritual and moral component of the educational process, due to global changes of a general cultural nature. There are the regression of the paradigm of rationality, which was the constitutive matrix of the European model of education; ideological crisis of the traditional picture of the world, provoked by the expansion of postmodern philosophy and the powerful development of digital technologies; the dominance of the neoliberal paradigm in post-Soviet society, which affirms as the ideal of professionalism highly qualified tools that have lost their national and cultural identity and are equally successful in any geographical and social context. In conclusion, the conditions for correcting the educational model are revealed, including: maximum correspondence between the forms and content of the modern socio-cultural situation; “humanitarian fundamentalization” due to the demand for human-creative resources of national culture.


Anthropocentric pedagogy, humanitarian culture, technology of referencing, culture-centric paradigm

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