Drug addiction. Drugs and their effects on man

Автор: Bocharova Inna Anatolevna, Agadzhanov Vadim Rubenovich, Sagalaev Vadim Alexandrovich

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Рубрика: Биология и биотехнология

Статья в выпуске: 2 (6), 2013 года.

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Some modern problems of drug addiction are represented in the article in generalized and brief form. There is an attempt to revile the peculiarities of most spread drugs, it is noted the link of certain drugs and criminal behaviour, the peculiarities of the drug developed dependence is underlined, the scheme of different drug addict groups and personal typology is showed, some social problems are mentioned, contemporary narcotic situation in Russia and it's dynamic for last decades is done, peculiarities in Volgograd region is reviled.

Drugs, drug addiction, crime effect, stages of drug addiction, personal typological peculiarities, statistics of drug addiction

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